The impact of COVID-19

How the pandemic has affected fraud reporting levels, the accuracy of activity data and the level of resources to combat fraud.

Image showing representation of a macro virus.

On March 11th 2020 The World Health Organisation classed COVID-19 as a pandemic. Since then the UK has gone through various stages of response to ease the pressure on the NHS and ensure that as many lives as possible could be saved.

One of the responses was the release of emergency funds to several public sector organisations, especially the NHS. The aim of the emergency funds was to ensure that the right equipment could be procured, and services maintained to cope with the increase in demand on the NHS. With this additionally funding, new fraud threats and vulnerabilities emerged.

COVID-19 has impacted on the total reporting levels the NHSCFA has received, the accuracy of activity data and resources to combat fraud during the pandemic.

Due to the wide reaching impact of COVID-19 across the NHS the activity data across multiple thematic areas were not available at the time of the analysis.

It is important to note that this unusual data, as a result of the pandemic, could impact on the estimation of fraud vulnerability in this year's assessment due to the vast change and adaptations the NHS has experienced during this period.