As a Non-Executive Director of the NHS Counter Fraud Authority (NHSCFA), you will be responsible for ensuring the sound governance of the NHSCFA, including ensuring robust and effective systems of financial control and risk management are in place. Along with the Non-Executive team, you will contribute to the development of the strategy and annual objectives.  
You will also ensure that the NHSCFA promotes the values of the NHS by setting a high standard for ethics and responsible business. You will build, maintain and enhance NHSCFA’s reputation as an open and independent body that places a high priority upon preventing and detecting fraud and recovering losses where they occur. This will ensure public funds essential to delivering effective patient care, are directed to where they are needed most.  
You will play a key role in ensuring that the organisation is focused upon providing excellent services and good value for money and enabling the NHSCFA to contribute to the wider aims of the NHS. You will provide appropriate challenge, scrutiny and support at Board level, ensuring the NHSCFA is doing all it can to reduce fraud in the NHS and is meeting its obligations related to the Government Functional Standard GovS 013: Counter Fraud - GOV.UK (