Fraud fighters unite

Campaign materials highlighting the role of professional NHS fraud fighters and how they work together to spot, report and stop fraud against the NHS.

The campaign materials on this page turn the spotlight on professional NHS fraud fighters, particularly Local Counter Fraud Specialists (LCFSs) and Counter Fraud Champions, using a superhero theme – while continuing our longstanding message that everyone has a part to play in fighting NHS fraud.

Based on resources developed for International Fraud Awareness Week 2021, the materials are now available for use all year-round.


A story that puts the work of NHS fraud fighters in the context of the struggle against the COVID-19 pandemic. At a time when the NHS faced perhaps the biggest challenge since its creation, criminals continued to seek ways to exploit NHS resources for financial gain. But while NHS people worked tirelessly to fight the virus, colleagues in our fraud fighting community continued their work to stop fraud and bring those responsible to justice.

While recognising the heroic efforts of colleagues on the clinical frontline, the comic seeks to remind people about the often-hidden work of the counter fraud professionals who fight what is typically a hidden crime – and how each of us can help the fight against fraud, to the benefit of the whole NHS.

A blank space is provided for people to add local contact details, alongside links to the NHSCFA website and reporting line.


Fraud fighters unite

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We need you! (group of fraud fighters)

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We need you! (fraud fighter)

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