Our key stakeholders include NHS England, NHS Improvement and the Cabinet Office. We work collaboratively with them, as well as with the DHSC Anti-Fraud Unit, to deliver the full range of counter fraud activity across the NHS and the wider health group.

Our relationship with stakeholders is often supported by formal memorandums of understanding and information sharing agreements.

DHSC-NHSCFA framework agreement

The DHSC-NHSCFA framework agreement sets out how the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) and the NHSCFA will work in partnership to serve patients, the public and the taxpayer, and how both the NHSCFA and the Department discharge their accountability.

The agreement defines the key elements of our relationship with the DHSC, and in particular the DHSC Anti-Fraud Unit which is our departmental sponsor.

Memorandums of understanding

In this section you can find memorandums of understanding (MOUs) and other agreements currently in place with our stakeholders.

The agreements below, which were concluded by the NHSCFA’s predecessor organisation, are currently under review.