Report NHS fraud

You can report fraud against the NHS in England and Wales by using our online reporting form or calling our freephone line 0800 028 4060 (available 24/7).

What should you report to us?

We can take reports of fraud where the NHS in England and Wales is the victim.

You can find a definition of fraud, along with some examples, on the What is NHS fraud? page. This explains that we also deal with other types of economic crime, such as bribery and corruption. You can find details of many types of fraud and other economic crime committed against the NHS in our fraud reference guide.

You may find it helpful to look at the information on these pages when preparing to make your report.

Don’t worry if you are not sure about anything, or don’t know all the facts. It is still worth reporting your concerns, as it may help bring criminals to justice and improve our understanding of fraud.

If you work in the NHS, you can also speak to your Local Counter Fraud Specialist about your concerns.

Help us improve

Tell us what's happened so we can fix the problem. Please do not provide any personal, identifiable or sensitive information.


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