Is it worth me reporting this? Is it really fraud? Will anyone listen?

At NHSCFA, we understand your hesitations about reporting concerns. You might wonder if it's really fraud and if anyone will pay attention. We're here to address those concerns and ensure your voice is heard.

Is it worth me reporting this?  Is it really fraud? Will anyone listen?

These are just some of the questions that you may ask yourself if you suspect that fraud is taking place and whether you should report it or not.

All the information you give us, however small, tells us about how and why people commit fraud against the NHS and allows us to stop it and develop ways to prevent it in the future.

Sometimes very large recovery and enforcement cases start with a seemingly humble report or enquiry.

More than £1.2 billion pounds is lost to the NHS each year.  Imagine what difference that amount of money would make to patient care!

Telling us if you suspect fraud is ALWAYS the right thing to do. 

Even if you are not sure if what you are seeing is fraud or if you don’t have much information tell us about it and we will investigate this.  It is never a waste of your time or ours – as we say…

Spot it!

Report it!

Together we stop it!

Help us improve

Tell us what's happened so we can fix the problem. Please do not provide any personal, identifiable or sensitive information.


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