How will your information be used?

We prioritise transparency and integrity in how we handle your information. Rest assured, your data will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and used exclusively for the purpose of combating fraud and corruption within the NHS.

Your personal details will not be disclosed to anyone without your permission unless otherwise stated below, we are obliged by law, or it is in the wider public interest.

NHSCFA take their duty of confidence to people reporting issues to them very seriously and do not routinely disclose any personal details submitted as confidential without permission.

However, in rare circumstances there are exceptions to the duty of confidence that may allow disclosure of confidential information.

  • The law can require or permit the disclosure of confidential information in certain circumstances, and the Courts may also order disclosures.
  • Confidentiality can be breached where there is an overriding public interest.

Only where serious crime, abuse or serious harm to others is involved would NHSCFA be permitted to disclose personal information without consent. They must judge that the public good that would be achieved by the disclosing of the information would far outweigh their obligation of confidentiality. This is very rare and NHSCFA would have to robustly justify their decision to do so.

Wherever possible the matter would be discussed with the individual concerned and consent sought.

NHSCFA specifically collects information on behalf of the Department of Health and Social Care, its arm's length bodies and executive agencies. NHSCFA will pass on all information collected to the Department of Health and Social Care Anti-Fraud Unit.

When you provide information to NHSCFA, you will be given a reference number. You will be able to use this reference to add information to your original report at any time.

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