NHSCFA Public Board meeting 29th January 2020

Minutes of NHSCFA Public Board meeting - FCG-BOA-MIN - Public Meeting – 29.01.20

Meeting date: 29.01.20

Meeting time/venue: 11am, Skipton House, London

Meeting title: NHSCFA Public Board Meeting


  • (TT)Tom Taylor (Chairperson NHSCFA)
  • (CS) Professor Carl Stychin (Non Executive Director)
  • (MS) Martin Spencer (Non Executive Director)
  • (JS) Jayne Scott (Non Executive Director)
  • (RM) Rachel Monaghan (Director of Performance & Improvement NHSCFA)
  • (SF) Susan Frith (Chief Executive, NHSCFA)


  • (PG) Paul Golightly (Deputy Director, DHSC AFU)
  • (AS) Ann Sturgess (Corporate Governance Manager and Board Secretary, NHSCFA)
  • (FM) Freedom Mackay (Senior Compliance and Complaints Officer) Minute taker


  • (PW) Peter Watson – Staff engagement Group Observer

Apologies received:

  • (MJB) Matthew Jordan-Boyd (Director of Finance, NHSCFA)

1. Welcome

  • 1.1 TT welcomed all to the NHSCFA Public Board meeting.

2. Apologies

  • 2.1 TT gave apologies for Matthew Jordan-Boyd (MJB).

3. Declarations of interest

  • 3.1 The Board confirmed that there were no new declarations of interest.

4. Comments from Chair

  • 4.1 TT advised that a number of organisational changes had taken place and that it had been a positive transitional year.

5. Presentation of Annual Report and Accounts

  • 5.1 TT advised that the NHSCFA had met its balance duty and the National Audit Office (NAO) had certified the Annual Report and Accounts. The Annual Report and Accounts have been be laid before Parliament and copies are available via the .gov website and NHSCFSA website.

6. Questions from the floor

  • 6.1 As no members of the public were present for questions, TT closed the public meeting.

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