Project Athena overview

An overview of what it is and what is does

Published: 20 February 2024

Version: 1.0

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What is Project Athena?

This is a pilot programme led by the NHS Counter Fraud Authority to take data analysis to a new level for greater, faster and wider detection of fraud that will enable prevention and opportunities for enforcement.

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What are the aims of Project Athena?

To use an innovative approach to analysing data aiming to identify patterns in data indicative of fraud. It aims to combine domain (subject) specialist, analytical expertise and technology to increase fraud detection that will improve the opportunities for fraud prevention and enforcement.

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What are the benefits of Project Athena?

By anticipating and identifying new and emerging patterns in data, the NHSCFA can intervene quickly to reduce the impact and loss from fraud. This will lead to improved operational outcomes and drive insight and policy change as well as strengthen controls and prioritisation.

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What does Project Athena do?

The pilot proposes to focus on key areas identified as having the highest risk of vulnerability/loss to fraud. Project Athena plans to bring together experts in data science and domain (subject) experts to design the models needed for detection, and will also apply knowledge from investigations and intelligence for detection modelling.

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