The NHSCFA's 2017-2020 strategy document "Leading the fight against NHS fraud" sets out our approach to fighting fraud and other economic crime affecting the NHS.

Business plan 2018-19

This document sets out the NHSCFA's organisational priorities and operational deliverables for the 2018-19 financial year.


Our brochure provides an introduction to the NHS Counter Fraud Authority, explaining our approach to tackling fraud and our priorities for 2017-2020.

Annual report

The NHSCFA was established as a new special health authority on 1 November 2017. The organisation's first annual report, describing its work in 2017-18, will be published in summer 2018.


Secretary of State directions underpinning our counter fraud work.

Corporate governance

In this section you can find a number of corporate policies and other documents that are part of the NHSCFA's corporate governance framework.