Corporate publications

Find out more about the NHSCFA's approach to fighting fraud, the legal basis for our work and our achievements.


The NHSCFA's 2017-2020 strategy document "Leading the fight against NHS fraud" sets out our approach to fighting fraud and other economic crime affecting the NHS.

Business plan 2019-20

This document sets out the NHSCFA's organisational priorities for the 2019-20 financial year and the work we plan to do to achieve them.

Business plans from previous years

Annual report

The NHSCFA's annual report provides an account of the organisation’s performance and use of resources from 2018 to 2019.

Strategic intelligence assessment – 2017-18 data

The NHS Counter Fraud Authority (NHSCFA) assesses that during 2017-18 fraud, bribery and corruption against the NHS costs the public purse over £1.27 billion. This document provides the detail of these estimated losses by thematic area of NHS spend.

Strategic intelligence assessments from previous years


Our brochure(updated October 2018) provides an introduction to the NHS Counter Fraud Authority, explaining our approach to tackling fraud and our priorities for 2017-2020.


Secretary of State directions underpinning our counter fraud work.

Corporate governance

In this section you can find a number of corporate policies and other documents that are part of the NHSCFA's corporate governance framework.

NHSCFA visual identity icon encompassing call to action to report fraud occuring within the NHS.

Fraud costs the NHS £1.27 billion each year.

Report any suspicions or concerns about fraud against the NHS to the NHSCFA.

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