Our senior digital forensics investigators

All members of the team are Accredited Counter Fraud Specialists who have undergone rigorous training.

NHS Counter Fraud Authority's senior digital forensics investigators are Accredited Counter Fraud Specialists, who have attended and passed an accredited training course. The training covers principles of good practice, law and procedures, investigative interviewing and pro-active evidence gathering. This training is aimed at investigators, teaching best practice methods in order to produce the most thorough and professional investigations possible. It gives our senior digital forensics investigators a unique insight into how investigations are conducted, not usually afforded to commercial digital forensics companies.

Senior digital forensics investigators understand the importance of 'following every line of enquiry' - a legal requirement of investigations - and use this knowledge to present evidence in such a way that it will be most effective for the investigation. They are able to differentiate between erroneous data and data which is critical to the case, whilst maintaining impartiality and objectivity.

As well as training in methods of investigation, All senior digital forensics investigators have undergone training in the use of recognised forensic software such as Forensic Toolkit, X-Ways and EnCase and many others. They have attained recognised academic qualifications in computing and digital forensics and have also achieved vendor specific qualifications such as EnCe and ACE. All Forensic Computing Specialists undertake continuous professional development and regularly attend training courses and seminars to keep up to date with a rapidly changing environment.

A sample of the software in use and available to the DFU is shown below:

  • Access-Data Forensic Toolkit (FTK) Lab
  • Access-Data Summation (review platform)
  • X-Ways Forensic
  • Guidance Software EnCase

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