Information Governance Documentation and Materials Overview

Appendix A - An overview of the Information Governance Documentation and Materials

Published: 28 July 2022


Information Governance

Consists of:

  • data protection laws
  • freedom of information
  • acceptable use policies
  • information security
  • business continuity
  • records management
  • information governance strategy

The IG helps to set high level direction and required standards across the NHSCFA. This is supported where necessary by procedures and specific guidance documents where the required controls are explained in detail.

Procedure and guidance

  • data protection procedure
  • freedom of information procedure
  • e-mail guidance document
  • internet guidance document
  • records registers

Responsibilities and key awareness messages for all staff are contained in the IG guidance documents, but also additionally in two key documents that staff should be aware of and have access to:

Awareness - All Staff

  • NHS confidentiality code of practice
  • Acceptable Use policy

References - Available to All

NHSCFA guidance on:

  • Handling FOIA Requests
  • Information Sharing Agreements

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