Information regarding CFA's activities investigating fraud within the NHS in the East Kent area

Published: 21 June 2019

Information requested

I would like to request details relating to fraud investigations in the NHS under the Freedom of Information Act.

Please could you provide details relating to all matters relating to the CFA's activities investigating fraud within the NHS in the East Kent area - Ashford, South Kent Coast, Canterbury and Thanet - for all the NHS bodies operating in the area, including the East Kent Hospitals Universities Foundation Trust (EKHUFT).

Could you provide details of the number of investigations from April 1, 2015 (start of the financial year 2015/16) to the present day or most recent full year's figure - but if possible up to 2018/19.

For the same dates could you also please provide the following additional details pertaining to those investigations:

  • How many of these investigations have resulted in successful outcomes/prosecutions/disciplinary action and therefore how many investigations have been dropped?
  • For each investigation please can you classify where it happened - the site (or at least the type of NHS establishment - doctors, dentist, hospital) and town?
  • For each investigation could you specify the nature of how the money was defrauded - ie theft of items or drugs, administration fraud, ciphoning money from accounts etc?
  • Could I also get a total number of investigation for each CCG in east Kent and a total number for EKHUFT?
  • How much money has been defrauded from the NHS in east Kent during this period - also a year by year figure for each financial year starting in 2015/16 to the present day.
  • How much of this has been recovered from court cases or prosecution or out of court disciplinary action internally within the NHS?

NHSCFA response

A copy of the information is attached as an excel spreadsheet F:\HM Information Governance\Freedom of Information and SAR\3 FOI responses\2019008 dataset.xlsx

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