Request regarding further information relating to FOI responce 2019018.

Published: 27 September 2019

Information requested

In a previous FOI response received by C+D from NHS CFA, it was confirmed that from 1st January 2017 - 30th June 2019 you received a total of 362 reports of fraud undertaken by community pharmacy contractors.

With regards to this information, I would like to know:

  1. How many of these reports were investigated further?
  2. How many of these reports were found to be fraudulent?
  3. What was the outcome of the reports which were found to be fraudulent?

NHSCFA response

In response to your request, based on all of the 362 relevant information reports relating to reference 2019018,

34 of the reports were converted into cases.

8 of these cases have been closed (1 case abandoned insufficient information and 7 cases where no fraud was found or proven). 26 of the cases are under investigation.

1 of the 34 cases has a successful civil sanction.

Please note that the figures include referrals to NHSCFA England and Wales.

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