Request regarding The NHSCFA Staff Pension Scheme.

Published: 27 September 2019

Information requested

I am writing to request information relating to the pension tax relief issue that is currently impacting a significant number of NHS employees across the country. I would be grateful if you could respond to the following questions. Please advise if you need any clarification and I would be happy to provide this.

  1. Whether your organisation has a policy of offering payment equivalent to the employer pension fund contributions to employees who opt out of the scheme? And if so:
    1. when was this policy adopted?
    2. is this option offered to all employees by default, or is it considered on a case by case basis following requests?
    3. how many employees have taken advantage of this policy since its adoption?
    4. what was the total value of payments made until the end of July 2019?
  2. Whether your organisation has made an assessment of the number of employees who are likely breach the annual allowance? If so, what assessment was made?
  3. How many employees have left employment as a result of pension taxation issues?
  4. How many employees have applied to reduce their working hours as a result of pension taxation issues? And how many such applications were successful?
  5. Whether an internal briefing or assessment on the impact of changes to pension taxation has been provided? If so, could a copy of that document be provided?

NHSCFA response

The NHSCFA Staff Pension Scheme is administered by NHS Business Services Authority. Therefore, your request should be redirected to:


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