Request regarding Internal Plans and ICT Strategy

Published: 6 April 2021

Information requested

  1. ICT/IM&T/IS Strategy- The IT department strategy or plans, highlights their current and future objectives.
  2. ICT Org Chart- A visual document that presents the structure of the IT department, please include name and job titles. If this cannot be sent, please work towards a structure with job titles.
  3. ICT Annual or Business Plan- Like the ICT strategy but is more annually focused.
  4. ICT Capital Programme/budget- A document that shows financials budget on current and future projects.

If some of these documents are not valid, please state when the 2020 onwards ICT documents are planned to be published.

NHSCFA response

  1. The 2018-20 version of the Digital Strategy Document is the most recent version. The document is attached. This document is in the process of being updated.
  2. The current structure of the Information Systems and Analytics Department can be accessed here’

    ISA Department Organisation Chart.

  3. The objectives and deliverables from the current Information Systems and Analytics business plan is enclosed as an attachment to this email. Please note that this information is extracted from our management reporting tool, where the information is recorded.
  4. The organisation receives a capital allocation from the Department of Health & Social Care. This allocation is not divided between departments of the NHS Counter Fraud Authority. The capital budget for 2021/22 is £2.568 m.

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