Request regarding Advertising spend on public awareness of scams in NHS.

Published: 30 July 2021

Information requested

My request relates to money spent by the NHS Counter Fraud Authority.on advertising to educate the public against scams relating to the misuse of the NHS name or to educate the public against scams in general in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 to date.

I'd like the information in calendar years, please.

This would include money spent on adverts in newspapers, magazines, other publications, radio, TV, on buses and billboards and similar.

Please also include the name of any relevant campaign or links to examples, if possible.

In each case, I understand that records may be incomplete, and if this is the case, I would like whatever figures are available, together with their dates, to give the most accurate view possible.

NHSCFA response

I am writing to advise that NHS Counter Fraud Authority does not hold information of the description specified in your request.

The majority of our awareness raising is at no cost, utilising our existing communications channels and platforms and social media. The majority of our awareness raising content is on general fraud awareness or specific types of fraud – this has been delivered through a variety of methods over several years including social media, print, digital and TV and radio.

NHS Counter Fraud Authority have not undertaken any paid advertising for scams specifically.

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