Request regarding printer supplier spend.

Published: 12 October 2021

Information requested

I am currently trying to build an updated view of 2021 Strategic/SME print supplier spend and page usage levels, as now affected by COVID-19, across the UK Govt and associated agencies/bodies.

  1. Who is your preferred supplier for MFD/Printer Hardware? (Please state in multiple suppliers)
  2. Please state the number of printers currently within the organisation, to include a breakdown of MFDs (multi functional devices), Print Room devices and desktop printers.
  3. What are your current annual page volumes? (split by Colour and Mono)
  4. What is the approximate annual spend for both hardware and services?
  5. What date is your contract due for renewal?
  6. Which procurement route or framework was used to procure this service?
  7. Which person/role is responsible for procuring your printer contracts?

NHSCFA response

  1. The preferred supplier is Boxxe, CCS Media.
    • Multi functional devices = 13
    • Desktop Printers = 3
    • ID Card Printer = 1
    • Homeworker Inkjet Printer = 9
  2. Due to the effects of the pandemic this information is not held.
  3. All printers were purchased outright in March 2020.
  4. Not applicable.
  5. Direct award using the Health Trust Europe Framework.
  6. This is dependent on the value of the order. Either an internal procurement or commercial procurement route.

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