Request regarding Data on NHSCFA Intranet Solutions

Published: 14 December 2021

Information requested

  1. How many people are employed by your organisation?
  2. What is your current intranet solution?
  3. How long have you been using this intranet solution?
  4. When is your intranet contract up for renewal?
  5. What is your annual intranet budget?
  6. What is your procurement process? Please can you include any portals used to list tenders and/or any suppliers/consultants used to procure.

NHSCFA response

The organisation employs 170 full and part time staff.

Our current intranet solution is Oak.

Since September 2018.

May 2022


NHSCFA does not have a dedicated procurement/contract management function. Procurement is managed by the NHS Business Services Authority Commercial Team.

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