Request regarding Mobile Phone Contracts

Published: 31 December 2022

Information requested

  1. Network Provider(s) - Please provide me with the network provider, if the contract is managed for example by Daisy, please state the network provider for e.g., Vodafone, O2, EE.
  2. Annual Average Spend for each contract if there is more than one contract Network
  3. Contract Start Date
  4. Contract Expiry Date, If the contract as expired or is rolling please state
  5. Duration of the contract- please state if the contract also includes contract extensions for each provider.
  6. Contract Review Date- Please can you provide me with a date when the organisation plans to review this contract
  7. Number of Connections - number of voices only devices, voice and data devices, data only devices)
  8. The person in the organisation responsible for this particular contract. Can you send me contact name, Job title, Contact number and email add.

NHSCFA response

In response, the information you are requesting is reasonably accessible via the NHS Counter Fraud Authority Disclosure Log (reference 2021013)

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