Request regarding Maintenance of NHSCFA Website.

Published: 17 January 2022

Information requested

What software are you currently using for your website? What team/individual is responsible for maintaining your website? Do you work with an external supplier to maintain your website, if so when does your contract expire? When did you last conduct an accessibility audit against your public website?

What team/individual is responsible for digital accessibility across your public facing services? What is your budget for digital accessibility? What is your annual marketing/communications budget for creating content for residents? Do you work with external marketing/communications suppliers to create content for your public facing services? When was the last time you conducted a content audit on your website to remove outdated content?

NHSCFA response

NHS Counter Fraud Authority uses a custom web application based on the Java programming language.

The website is maintained by the Systems Development Team.

There is no third party involved in maintaining the website and as such no expiration of contract.

An accessibility audit of the website was last carried out on 7th February 2022.

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