Request regarding Digital Accessibility

Published: 17 January 2022

Information requested

What team/individual is responsible for digital accessibility across your public facing services? What is your budget for digital accessibility? What is your annual marketing/communications budget for creating content for residents? Do you work with external marketing/communications suppliers to create content for your public facing services? When was the last time you conducted a content audit on your website to remove outdated content?

NHSCFA response

NHS Counter Fraud Authority does not have a specific digital accessibility budget. Accessibility work is carried out as business as usual within the Digital Team.

The Authority does not have a specific marketing/communication budget for creating content.

The Authority undertakes most of its design work in house in order to preserve NHS budgets but do occasionally out-source some design work if we have capacity challenges, this is undertaken by way of competitive tender/procurement. We have no such exercises planned.

The Authority audits its website and other platforms continuously using our in-house Digital and Communications teams.

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