Request regarding information re diversity and inclusion

Published: 23 May 2023

Information requested

Earlier this year, Steve Barclay wrote to you. He asked if you were getting “value for money from your D & I memberships, and if not, consider any steps that you could take to address that”. This included “following the DHSC’s example and allowing any associations/subscriptions that you have to lapse or be cancelled”. He set a deadline for 1 May to report back. Please provide a copy of your response to this letter and answer these Qs:

  1. Do you have any memberships that you have allowed to “lapse or be cancelled”? This can include before or after Mr Barclay’s letter;
  2. If the answer is “yes” to Q1, please disclose: - How many you have/had (under Mr Barclay’s definition); - Who each of them were with; - How long the organisation had been subscribed to them; and - How much they cost – both on a per annum and total cost basis’

NHSCFA response

NHS Counter Fraud Authority does not have any memberships and has no memberships that we have allowed to lapse or cancel before or after Mr.Barclay’s letter.

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