Request regarding security management document

Published: 12 November 2023

Information requested

‘Could you please tell me if you are now body which could confirm for me the status of documents produced by NHS Protect.

Are those documents now curated by the NHS Counter Fraud Authority.

In particular, I am trying to find out the status of the following document and to obtain an "official" copy of the document

NHS Protect

Patients recording NHS staff in health and social care settings Dated May 2016

Are you able to supply me with a copy of this document? And to confirm the current status of this document - is it current guidance, or has it been withdrawn or superceded?’

NHSCFA response

In response to your request, the document is available on the National Archive website, by following the link below, select ‘Violence against NHS Staff’ and scroll down to the document.

[ARCHIVED CONTENT] (nationalarchives.gov.uk)

I am unable to confirm the current status of the document as this does not fall within the remit of NHS Counter Fraud Authority. NHS security management is the responsibility of individual NHS Trusts.

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