NHSCFA shows the ways in Which they protect the NHS

NHSCFA writes for Which? online forum

Published: 12 March 2021

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The NHS Counter Fraud Authority (NHSCFA) has written an article for Which? Conversation, detailing the work the organisation does and how important counter fraud work has been in supporting the NHS through the pandemic. The guest article informs the reader on what fraud is, what it looks like in its different guises and how they can report their concerns.

It has provided the organisation with the opportunity to reach a new audience who may be unfamiliar with counter fraud work and what that entails when looking at it from an NHS perspective. The pandemic has been a challenging time for both the NHS and its patients. Our work has never been more important in ensuring funds meant for patient care are not misappropriated by mitigating the new and emerging risks that have cropped up over the last year.

The guest article illustrates the importance of collaborative working and supporting our counter fraud colleagues across the public sector to protect the NHS and its patients.

You can view the article here: How the NHSCFA protects the NHS and its patients – Which? Conversation.

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