Alex Rothwell speaks at Cyprus event

Alex Rothwell, NHSCFAs Chief Executive was a guest on the international stage recently when he was invited to be the honorary and keynote speaker at a Transparency in the Health Sector event in Cyprus

Published: 20 December 2022

Image of Alex Rothwell talking at a lecturn with the words European University Cyprus on a small sign infornt

Addressing the event Alex began his presentation:

“They say there's only two things that are certain in life and that's death and taxes. I think there's a third certainty which is that fraud (and when I talk about fraud, I include bribery and corruption) will always happen.”

Alex described the contemporary threats faced by the UK through fraud and corruption and how public sector money has been targeted specifically. The Department of Health fraud principles were shared with the audience and Alex provided a detailed briefing on how those principles can be embedded into strategic planning and day-to-day activity. Alex was keen to stress the challenges faced by fraud professionals in raising the profile of their work and securing adequate investment. He was candid about the real-life hurdles faced by all counter fraud organisations but also stressed the positive benefits that stem from a sound, collaborative approach.

At the end of the presentation there was an extensive discussion with questions for Alex and other members of the panel from the audience of institutions, organisations, and medical professionals.

Alex was delighted to be invited to the event and said: “There is much to be gained from developing relationships with international partners, particularly as the NHS is increasingly using private healthcare providers. It is also reassuring that overseas health bodies look to the UK for expertise and support”.

The event was organised and hosted by the Cyprus Integrity Forum and the Ministry of Health.

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