An inside story from the Nightingale

Life on the Covid-19 frontline as a clinical support worker

Published: 14 May 2020

Image of a lab worker working whilst wearing protective equipment

Rosie Gavzey MCOptom is NHSCFA’s Specialist Fraud Adviser (Optical). Recently she has been volunteering at London’s NHS Nightingale Hospital as a Clinical Support Worker (CSW).

The College of Optometrists, the professional body for optometry, asked Rosie to write about her experience on their main website.

The piece gives a really interesting insider’s view of life and death in the mega-hospital at the ExCel Centre. Rosie describes being “fascinated and distressed in equal measure” by the clinical challenges, gives a lot of concrete detail of the giant operation and also talks about the emotional highs and lows of such intense and valuable work.

Kevin Cane, NHSCFA's Fraud Prevention Manager, says: "We can all be very proud that one of our colleagues has volunteered to do this remarkable work. I know that others in NHSCFA are making important volunteering contributions to help tackle the pandemic too."

To read Rosie’s article follow this link:

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