Better together when fighting fraud in the NHS!

Fraud Investigation Lead David Hall explains how "togetherness" really does work

Published: 4 May 2022

Image of group of people in a circle all putting one of their hands into the center

Back in February of this year David Hall wrote an extremely thought provoking article for the Public Sector Counter Fraud Journal, that explained how a prolific fraudster was put behind bars by agencies working together.

The concept of collaboration is one of the core tenets of our strategy. We are small in number so must facilitate, enable, engage and encourage our NHS and other partners to join with us in our fraud fighting role.

The Cambridge Dictionary defines “togetherness” as; the pleasant feeling of being united with other people in friendship and understanding.

We all wake up every workday with the good intention of coming to work to make a real difference, to stop NHS fraud and raise awareness. Whatever our individual role may be.

But how do we actually go about doing this?

In David’s article, which is intended to inform and inspire stakeholders while helping deter those with corrupt intentions, he talks in depth about the teamwork that was required to bring together a very complex case, and what it took to reach a successful conclusion.

You can read David’s article begining on page 5 of the publication (issue 9) of for the Public Sector Counter Fraud Journal via the link below…

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