Commendations for NHSCFA Investigators in fraudulent doctor case

Two NHSCFA investigators have been commended by the Chief Constable of Cumbria Police for the role that they played in a major investigation which saw a fraudulent doctor brought to justice.

Published: 26 May 2023

Image of Jamie Haywood receiving his comendation

Gerry Metcalfe and Jamie Haywood assisted detectives by obtaining witness statements and gathering evidence from NHS organisations and employment agencies going back many years. They also undertook financial investigation enquires and prepared schedules of financial information for the trial.

Zholia Alemi had practiced as a doctor in the UK for 23 years, having moved here from New Zealand in 1995. She was found to have fraudulently obtained more than £1million from the NHS during the 22 years that she worked within a number of UK health bodies posing as a qualified psychiatrist.

She was sentenced to seven years at Manchester Crown Court in March after being found guilty of 20 offences including fraud and forgery.

Jamie Haywood, Fraud Hub Case Management Lead said, “I thoroughly enjoyed the event and the outstanding work that deserved all the commendations awarded. I am proud that we received recognition for our work on this case. Thanks, should also go to our other fraud and financial investigators involved including Pat Dacey.”

Richard Rippin, Head of Operations said, “Well deserved congratulations to Jamie and Gerry and the rest of the team involved in this case. They worked extensively with our partners in Cumbria Police to enable the Crown Prosecution Service to put evidence before the court to show the full extent of Alemi’s offending. Our specialist financial investigators worked to identify and restrain assets owned by Alemi and will now use their powers under the Proceeds of Crime Act to ensure that money defrauded by Alemi is returned to the NHS for patient care.

“This case proved to be an excellent example of how effective partnership working across multiple agencies is key to bringing to justice those who seek to deceive and defraud the NHS.”

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