Fraud Squad series 5 hits screens this week

NHS fraud investigators star again in latest season of the BBC One documentary.

Published: 19 September 2023

Returning this week is Fraud Squad, the hugely popular BBC documentary series following dedicated fraud-fighters pursuing the criminals who steal billions from the public purse every year.

This fifth season of the programme includes cases led by the NHSCFA, NHS Counter Fraud Service Wales and a piece on the Anatomy of Fraud showcasing NHSCFA’s prevention work. All episodes will air at 10am on BBC1 and will be available on iPlayer for a limited time afterwards BBC One - Fraud Squad - Available now.

case one (aired on 18 September 2023), Fraudulent practice manager brought to justice by NHS counter fraud investigation | NHS Counter Fraud Authority | NHSCFA

case two (aired on 21 September 2023), Westminster dentist sentenced for £74,000 NHS fraud | NHS Counter Fraud Authority | NHSCFA

Anatomy of a Fraud (aired on 29 September 2023), featuring NHSCFA’s CEO Alex Rothwell and members of NHSCFA’s fraud prevention teams showcasing our prevention work and ways in which the NHS can tighten up any gaps that may leave the NHS vulnerable in procurement processes.

The popularity of the Fraud Squad Series is growing from strength to strength with the audience share predicted to average over 20%. There is a good chance the new series will pull in a million viewers per episode.

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