Highlighting the value of counter fraud

Writing in HFMA’s blog at the start of International Fraud Awareness Week, NHSCFA finance director Matthew Jordan-Boyd asked what tackling fraud means for a finance professional.

Published: 20 November 2019

NHSCFA Director of Finance and Corporate Governance Matthew Jordan-Boyd speaking at the NHSCFA staff conference.

As International Fraud Awareness Week (IFAW) got under way, Matt Jordan-Boyd shared a finance professional’s perspective on counter fraud on the Healthcare Financial Management Association’s (HFMA) blog.

You can read his post in full on HFMA’s website at https://www.hfma.org.uk/news/blogs/blog-post/the-value-of-counter-fraud

Supported by hundreds of public and private sector organisations around the world, IFAW is a global initiative to raise awareness of fraud and highlight the importance of fraud prevention. This year the NHSCFA is running a campaign to help organisations across the NHS take part in IFAW by increasing awareness of NHS fraud among their people.

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