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Published: 26 November 2019

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This year’s HCSA 2019 Conference and Exhibition Procurement the Reality – the Case for Change and Transformation will provide delegates with the opportunity to discuss and debate key issues. For NHSCFA, the focus of this conference aligns to one of its own priority areas of Procurement and Commissioning Fraud.

Procurement is one of the most significant areas of fraud risk in the NHS, with an estimated annual loss to fraud of £351m – this is why procurement fraud is a priority for the NHSCFA in 2019-20.

The 2019 conference will be taking place on 27 and 28 November at Harrogate Convention Centre. This provides the perfect opportunity for NHSCFA to engage stakeholders on our key fraud prevention messages. Along with speaking to delegates, increasing awareness and encouraging best practices, NHSCFA’s Oliver Stopnitzky will be giving a presentation on the prevention of procurement fraud on the main stage. Oliver will talk through NHSCFA’s national proactive exercise on procurement fraud, launched in May 2019, including an outline of the key findings from the initial analysis. The work will continue in 2020-21 with a repeat of the national exercise to measure the impact of the work of NHSCFA’s Fraud Prevention Unit, on reducing the fraud risk vulnerabilities in NHS procurement and finance systems.

To help us learn more about those risks and improve your understanding of the fraud risks facing NHS procurement come visit us at stand 24.

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