Read our Covid-19 related fraud prevention advice and guidance

Increased vigilance is required during the NHS’s Covid-19 response to mitigate an increased risk of fraud.

Published: 20 May 2020

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The Covid-19 related content on our website provides advice and guidance for the NHS on emerging fraud risks relating to the Covid-19 response. Much of this content has been developed by our Fraud Prevention Unit (FPU). Members of the NHS counter fraud community will also be accessing more technical “need to know” content via our Extranet.

The relevant public content is all within the 'COVID-19 counter fraud guidance' section at

This includes:

  • a page providing overall advice and guidance on COVID-19 related fraud risks faced by the NHS
  • five pages focusing on specific areas of risk
  • includes a page of advisory guidance on fraud against NHS staff - in line with advice from City of London Police.

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