Our counter fraud pillars

How the NHSCFA’s approach will achieve success.

We have simplified how we articulate our purpose by implementing pillars of counter fraud activity:

  1. we will understand how fraud, bribery and corruption affects the NHS
  2. we will ensure the NHS is equipped to take proactive action to prevent future losses from occurring
  3. we are equipped to respond to fraud
  4. we can confidently assure our key partners, stakeholders and the public that the overall response to fraud across the NHS is robust

At the heart of our fraud-focused approach is an ambition to ensure we are supporting our people to deliver counter fraud activity in the NHS using our resources whilst striving to identify and pursue opportunities for growth and innovation.

At the core of our approach is an increased focus on data and data analytics. Within this strategic cycle, we will innovate by exploring insight from data to counter fraud.

This plan will remain agile and responsive to the needs of the counter fraud effort of the wider NHS.

Flexibility of the plan

With the inception of our four counter fraud pillars of Understand, Prevent, Respond and Assure, underpinned by our People and Resources, the NHSCFA will continue to move towards a proactive and impactful response to fraud threats that the NHS faces.

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