Our portfolio of key corporate projects

NHSCFA's delivery through corporate projects and programmes.

Through our integrated business planning process, we will initiate a series of corporate projects that will be scheduled for delivery/commencement during 2023-24. These areas of work will be governed by a combination of project boards, highlight reports and strategic updates during the performance cycle and accountability process. All of these will be visible on the organisation’s performance, programmes, and portfolio management system.

We will also continue to transform the NHSCFA over our strategic period from 2023 to 2026. The programme is to continue the work delivered in 2022-23 and facilitate efficiencies and improvements in service delivery for the sustainable future of the organisation. We will also ensure that the organisation remains fit for purpose within a flexible, agile operating model continually evolving to meet business need and the needs of the NHS.

NHSCFA Strategic Pillars Key corporate project/programme(s)
  • development and delivery of the NHSCFA Strategic Intelligence Assessment
  • undertake an assessment of loss to fraud reported and error reported
  • introduce data analysis / data science pilots to the NHSCFA to explore the application of advanced techniques
  • understand and report on the scale and extent of possible corruption within the NHS in England to inform future preventative strategies
  • develop an enterprise level Fraud Risk Assessment which proactively identifies, describes and assesses the risks to fraud across the NHS
  • develop a strategic and operational forward focus for the digital forensics unit
  • develop our analytical capability to support counter fraud prevention
  • implement the Single Network Analysis Platform (SNAP) system within the NHSCFA
  • measure the impact of counter fraud interventions undertaken in 2022-23
  • development of the NHSCFA Business Plan 2024-2025
  • development of the performance management framework for 2024-2025
  • delivery of the NHSCFA Annual Report 2023-24
  • development of the case management system (ongoing)
  • implement a range of HR initiatives to support the organisation’s people to ensure recruitment, retention and development of a skilled workforce
  • development and implementation of our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system
  • develop a range of business cases to attract organisational funding to support our counter fraud ambitions
  • demonstrate the case for change by using data in countering fraud
  • implement the recommendations from the technology review
  • analytical tooling review and refresh
  • decommissioning of the Coventry based office and consideration of alternative workplace model for the Midlands

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