Our vision – what we are aiming to achieve

A description of the 2022-23 Business Plan's vision, purpose and flexibility


Our vision is to lead and proactively support the NHS to understand, find, prevent, and respond to fraud.


Our purpose is to:

  • Provide leadership and expertise in counter fraud as a valued NHS partner.
  • Collaborate nationally and locally with the NHS to understand fraud threats, vulnerabilities and enablers.
  • Deliver intelligence-led counter fraud services to find, respond to and prevent fraud.
  • Reduce the impact of fraud on the NHS.
  • Work with partners to deliver financial savings that can be reinvested in patient care.


Over the past two years the NHS has experienced extraordinary challenges and at times uncertainty, therefore this business plan remains flexible in order to adapt to changing priorities, emerging threats and key areas of work that cannot be accounted for at this time. Any proposed change to the plan will be managed and communicated with our Board, our sponsors the Department of Health and Social Care Anti-Fraud Unit (DHSC AFU) and key stakeholders should the need arise.