NHSCFA values & behaviour framework

As part of our new Values and Behaviors framework (LIFE), Our four principles of good practice underpin everything we do

N H S C F A values and behaviour framework poster


I work through problems and issues with my team to find effective solutions

I seek and use feedback from our colleagues to improve myself and the team effective I actively engage in all performance discussions to set clear objectives

I make decisions appropriate to my role that benefit the organisation

I define and lead change and continuous improvement

N H S C F A values and behaviour framework poster

2. Influence and Empowerment

I work with colleagues towards positive outcomes whether inside or outside the NHS CFA

I develop myself and others to be our best

I actively support change as beneficial to individuals and the organisation

I base all decisions on appropriate evidence and check accuracy before I act

I act and represent the NHSCFA in a positive, professional and ethical way at all times.

N H S C F A values and behaviour framework poster

3. Fairness

I take into account diverse views to create better outcomes

I treat information with the utmost discretion and confidentiality

I comply with all legislation, guidance and policies

I am sensitive and appropriate towards all colleagues

I challenge inappropriate behaviours or language

N H S C F A values and behaviour framework poster

4. Expertise

I share ideas to develop best practice for the benefit of all

If something is not clear or understood, I ask for clarification,

I know the NHSCFA Strategy and Business Plans and my part in delivering it

I learn from my own and others’ experience and mistakes

I am up to date about current issues and developments within my role, including CPD and professional standards all times.

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