The guidance documents on this page may be used to develop or adapt local policies, procedures and systems. Additional guidance is available on the NHSCFA Extranet (currently available to Local Counter Fraud Specialists and Directors of Finance).

Please note that some of the documents were produced by NHS Protect, the NHSCFA’s predecessor organisation, but the guidance they provide is still relevant. We are currently working on updated versions, which will be published in due course.

Management and control of prescription forms: A guide for prescribers and health organisations

The document has been produced by the NHSCFA to assist prescribers, organisations and their staff on effective and safe management control practices to prevent the fraudulent misuse of prescription forms. The guidance has been developed to support all types of commissioners and providers who are authorised to order prescription form stock.

The document replaces the security of prescription forms guidance which was published by our predecessor organisation NHS Protect.


These aide-mémoires highlight and summarise the key points to bear in mind in the management and control of prescription forms.

Employment agency fraud: Guidance on reducing risks

The guidance in this document is intended as a framework for NHS organisations to develop or adapt their own policies, procedures and systems for dealing with employment agency fraud. The document focuses specifically on two areas of agency fraud risk, pre-employment checks and agency invoicing, and it provides a number of recommendations to help NHS organisations deal with these risks.

Payroll fraud: Guidance on prevention, detection and investigation

This guidance document has been developed to provide an understanding of the payroll fraud threat facing the NHS as well as advice and guidance on how to respond to it effectively.

The document covers the following areas:

  • Fake qualifications
  • Time-sheet fraud
  • Working while off sick
  • Expenses claims fraud

Applying appropriate sanctions consistently - Policy statement

This document was developed in consultation with the Department of Health and Social Care Legal Services and the Crown Prosecution Service and describes NHS Counter Fraud Authority's approach to pursuing sanctions. It outlines the range of available sanctions - criminal, civil, disciplinary and regulatory - which should be considered at the earliest opportunity in cases of suspected fraud, bribery or corruption affecting the NHS. The policy states that any or all of these types of sanctions may be pursued where and when appropriate. The appendix presents an example of a case where criminal, civil and regulatory sanctions were applied successfully.