Types of Fraud within the NHS

This section provides definitions for the 123 known types of fraud committed against the NHS.

  • Image of NHS staff walking down a hospital corridoor.

    NHS staff

    This relates to a person/organisation working for the NHS in any capacity. This includes salaried employees, retired employees receiving an NHS pension, agency staff, trainees, contracted staff such as GPs, dentists, pharmacists, opticians and their organisations and any other contractors who work for the NHS in the same manner as an employee.

  • Image of NHS patient reciving treatment.

    NHS patient

    This relates to a patient, that is someone obtaining treatment, services or medication from the NHS. It may relate to someone using the NHS (either in the UK or abroad) to obtain medical, dental, optical or pharmacy services.

  • Image of NHS hospital bed.

    NHS suppliers

    This relates to a person/organisation providing goods/services to the NHS. This can include contractors (individuals or companies), suppliers, or other organisations.

  • Image of managers looking at NHS systems.

    NHS systems

    This relates to fraud in relation to financial accounting, performance, incentives or penalties or any other financial issue.

  • Image of credit card.

    Third parties

    This relates to a person or organisation not linked to the NHS but trying to gain financially from it. This would include a third party making unsolicited requests for payment from the NHS or someone using an NHS facility to which they are not entitled.

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