NHS pensions

This relates to the pension of a retired NHS employee or their partner.

Types of fraud involving this category


This relates to a pension scheme which is not being administered appropriately.

Theft of funds

This relates to NHS pension funds being diverted elsewhere with the intention of stealing the funds.

Withholding funds

This relates to NHS pension payments which are deliberately not paid with the intention of using this money in the short, medium or long term to increase liquidity.

Member accounts

This relates to a person receiving a pension who has fabricated their circumstances or failed to notify of a significant change in their circumstances.


This relates to deliberately failing to notify the NHS of the death of a pensioner or a survivor to ensure the continuance of payment of an NHS pension.


This relates to a person in receipt of a survivor's pension who fails to notify a relevant change in circumstances to ensure continuance of payment. For example, a relevant change in circumstances would be that the survivor has re-married, impacting payments relating to pension schemes which ended prior to 1 April 2008.


This relates to a pensioner who has lied about their state of health in order to obtain an NHS pension.

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