Dentist or Dental Practice

Dental Practitioners provide front line NHS dental health services. This section primarily concerns a Dentist or Dental Practice.

Types of fraud involving this category

Dental contract

This relates to work that is being undertaken under the dental contract that defines what work a dentist will do for the NHS and what they will be paid.

Dental activity

This relates to false claims for dental activity submitted to the NHS for payment which include additional claims, enhancement to claims and splitting courses of treatment.

Patient claims

This relates to false patient claims by a dental contractor. This includes claims submitted where the patient did not actually attend on the day, the patient never attended, the patient does not actually exist, or the patient was deceased at the time for which the treatment was claimed.

Dental income

This relates to private work undertaken and its impact on the NHS.

Double income

This relates to false claims by a dental contractor submitted to the NHS for payment for patients who paid privately.

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