GPs, General Practitioners Practice

General Practitioners provide front line NHS medical healthcare services. This section primarily concerns GP(s) or GP Practice.

Types of fraud involving this category

GP/GP practice

This relates to the activities of a GP/GP practice.

Diversion of global sum

This relates to core funding payments made to general practices for essential and additional patient services which are not used for their intended purpose.

Treatment records/claims

This relates to false claims made by general practices for payment of treatment or treatment targets. For example, claiming for a treatment which has not actually been provided to a patient.

Capitation figures

This relates to the deliberate misrepresentation of patient list size and/or demographics by health care service providers in order to attract higher core funding.

False claims

This relates to false claims by general practices for allowances, expenses or grants which are not related to patient care.


This relates to unlawful prescribing by general practices. For example prescribing to patients who do not exist, are deceased or self prescribing.


This relates to a general practitioner asking for or accepting an inducement, gift or hospitality to influence decisions about registering, prescribing, treating or referring patients or commissioning services for patients.

Conflicts of interest

This relates to a general practitioner's decision making in respect of commissioning, where their judgement is suspected to be influenced or impaired by a personal interest, role or relationship. For example, where they misuse their position to further their own interests or those close to them, in order to obtain a financial gain or another type of benefit or advantage.

Disposal of NHS drugs

This relates to the improper disposal of NHS drugs without authorisation or for personal gain. This includes the selling and donation of drugs or exporting of drugs overseas.

GP practice employees

This relates to the activities of employees at a GP practice.

Diversion of funds

This relates to general practice funds being diverted or stolen by a practice manager or employee (this includes pension contributions).

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