Delivery mechanisms

An outline of the financial strategy and risk management framework of the NHSCFA.

Financial strategy and risk management

The NHSCFA’s financial framework supports the organisation in delivering its duties in a sustainable manner. As part of this we will achieve further investment in NHS counter fraud work by demonstrating it has a positive financial impact.
The key elements of the framework are:

  • financial management and control are regularly scrutinised and reviewed at board level
  • all opportunities to secure additional funding are identified to achieve best financial outcomes within three years generated by parliamentary funding constraints
  • financial balance is delivered by aligning financial and workforce planning
  • routine monitoring of monthly financial position and risks is undertaken by the finance team, underpinned by monthly finance assurance meetings to review and assess the risk of the financial position with accountable budget holders

Continuation of ‘flat cash’ government (DHSC) funding levels over the period of 2023 to 2026 or a reduction in funding, could create significant risk to the delivery of our annual business plan and achievement of our vision.

The NHSCFA’s Audit and Risk Assurance Committee oversees all financial aspects of governance, including financial and non financial risk management. The mitigations against financial and all other strategic risks are regularly reviewed as part of our risk management framework and are reported to the Audit and Risk Assurance Committee.

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