Strategic accountability and performance management framework

How the NHSCFA's annual business plan supports the delivery of the strategy.

The NHSCFA’s annual business plan supports delivery of our strategy year on year. Quarterly strategic accountability meetings with the DHSC, attended by the NHSCFA’s chair and chief executive officer, provide an opportunity to discuss progress against our objectives and targets.

Monthly performance review and engagement meetings are held with our departmental sponsors, DHSC AFU to discuss progress against delivery of our objectives and targets.

Strategic level Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) have been developed for each of the Strategic Pillars in this strategy. These KPIs are delivered through our organisational business plan, which in turn is supported by divisional and unit business plans.

The business plan will be closely monitored at board and executive level through a board-level performance report, underpinned by quarterly performance and assurance panels where all areas of delivery are reviewed with the senior managers responsible for them.

These panels are chaired by the Director of Performance and Improvement. This provides a framework for performance management and delivery assurance in relation to ongoing delivery of our strategy and business plan.

Our Performance and Improvement Programme Management Office (PMO) will support robust oversight and assurance of the annual plan and the annual review cycle to ensure core elements of our strategy are delivered and emerging risks are suitably managed and escalated.

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