Are you bothered about fraud against the NHS?

New campaign highlights the impact that NHS fraud has on all of us, as patients and taxpayers – and calls on everyone to join the fight against NHS fraud.

Published: 16 March 2022

Image of a persons face in protective mask and hairnet with the words 'Are you bothered? This is your money' displayed beside.

At the NHSCFA we’ve been upping our social media game, taking more of a campaign focus generally and will also be featuring more engaging, user-friendly and useful content from our key players and communities on our various platforms and channels.

We are doing this because we recognise the importance of communications as a fraud fighting tool. This is not just about letting people know about the work of the NHSCFA and the wider NHS counter fraud community, although that is very important – it’s also about the impact communications can have on the fraud threats we face by helping to prevent and deter fraud.

As we constantly develop and refine our approach to communications, we aim to:

  • drive more user engagement, hits, likes and conversations
  • educate the wider public and NHS colleagues about the fact that NHS fraud exists, the scale of it, and the fraud types and priority areas where the greatest fraud fighting, prevention, disruption and enforcement opportunities lie
  • point out the “what’s in it for me” factor, showing how:
    • everyone is susceptible
    • all are impacted and the vulnerable suffer worse
    • NHS colleagues and the general public can help fight fraud in very practical ways

Our latest campaign tries to do all of this by highlighting the impact that fraud against the NHS has on each and every one of us, both as patients and as taxpayers. Designed primarily for social media, the campaign asks people ‘Are you bothered?’ about the NHS’s financial vulnerability to fraud and seeks their help in tackling the problem.

We all use social media in some form or another, directly or indirectly. Some users consume social media as a way of staying in touch with family and friends, some users like to be on it 24/7, laughing at the latest memes or consuming the latest celebrity gossip, or following their favourite brands and interests. In 2022 social media plays a big part in our everyday lives – so let’s use it to our advantage.

We are running the campaign across all our social media channels this quarter – and we are now sharing the campaign materials as part of our updated Fraud awareness toolkit to help colleagues in the NHS counter fraud community, their health bodies and counter fraud providers join the effort.

The updated toolkit also includes a suite of campaign materials that highlight the role of professional NHS fraud fighters in spotting, reporting and stopping fraud against the NHS – the materials use a playful superhero theme to drive important messages about the role of counter fraud professionals and senior leaders, while also making the point that everyone has a role to play in fighting fraud. Originally developed for International Fraud Awareness Week 2021, the resources include a brand-new comic and are now available for use all-year round.

As well as using and repurposing the assets in our fraud awareness toolkit, please feel free to reach out and connect with us via our own social platforms. This will enable you to see how the content is put into action by us here at the NHSCFA and get involved with what we are saying and doing on social media. So why not head over to our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and like, follow, share, comment and generally be part of the NHS fraud fighting movement on these platforms. We look forward to seeing you there!

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