Preventing procurement fraud in the NHS

This report presents findings and recommendations from the PO vs non-PO spend exercise, which examined fraud risk vulnerability within NHS spend and identifies savings for NHS provider organisations.

  • Executive summary

    An overview of the report, highlighting NHSCFA’s positive impact to influence behavioural change through a campaign of fraud prevention activities in NHS purchase order

  • Introduction

    The Fraud Prevention Team talks about fraud risk vulnerability in NHS purchase order spend and the introduces the national exercise that focused on reducing the vulnerability

  • Financial vulnerability exposure

    The Fraud Prevention Team discusses the work and analysis undertaken to assess whether fraud prevention activity influenced a reduction in the exposure of the NHS to potential fraud

  • Influencing behavioural change

    Discusses NHSCFA’s fraud prevention campaign to influence behavioural change across the NHS procurement landscape

  • Recommendations and Action Plan

    Sets out the recommendations and actions to be consider by the sector

  • Methodology

    Provides detail of the methodology and analysis used to assess the impact of fraud prevention activity undertaken during the exercise

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