NHSCFA Board meeting 14th June 2019

Minutes of NHSCFA Board meeting - FCG-BOA-MIN - Meeting – 14.06.19

Meeting date: 14 June 2019

Meeting Venue: 11:00 – 13:00 Cheylesmore House VC room 2nd floor Coventry

Meeting title: NHSCFA Board meeting

Board members in attendance

  • (TT) Tom Taylor (Chair of the NHSCFA Board)
  • (CS) Professor Carl Stychin (Non Executive Director, NHSCFA)
  • (MS) Martin Spencer (Non Executive Director, NHSCFA)
  • (JS) Jayne Scott (Non Executive Director, NHSCFA)
  • (SF) Susan Frith (Chief Executive, NHSCFA)
  • (MJB) Matthew Jordan Boyd (Director of Finance & Corporate Governance)
  • (RM) Rachel Monaghan (Director of Performance & Improvement NHSCFA)

Other attendees:

  • (MR) Mark Richardson (DHSC AFU Senior Policy Manager)
  • (RR) Richard Rippin (Head of Operations)
  • (NB) Nicola Burton (Head of Business support)
  • (AS) Ann Sturgess (Corporate Governance Manager and Board Secretary, NHSCFA)
  • (BM) Bhavna Mistry (Organisational Development Assistant NHSCFA) Minute Taker


  • (DT) Davina Teeluck (Staff Engagement Group - Observer)

Presenting papers:

  • (RR) Richard Rippin (Head of Operations NHSCFA)
  • (NB) Nicola Burton (Head of Business Support)

1. Welcome

  • 1.1 TT welcomed all to the NHSCFA Board meeting and acknowledged Rachel Monaghan as attending her first meeting.TT congratulated SF on her appointment as permanent CEO for NHSCFA.

2. Apologies

  • 2.1 (PG) Paul Golightly (Director, Department of Health and Social Care Anti Fraud Unit)

3. Declarations of interest

  • 3.1 TT confirmed that there were no further declarations of interest.

4. Minutes for approval

  • 4.1 The Board accepted the minutes of 24 April 2019 as a true record.

5. Action log

  • 5.1 The Board reviewed the action log and updated accordingly.

6. Updates:

  • 6.1 General update from the Chair
    • 6.1.1 TT confirmed and SF acknowledged information shared by Anna Saunders Head of People and Culture at the Government Legal Department had been helpful.
    • 6.1.2 TT provided an update of meeting with the Permanent Secretary DHSC & Director General Finance DHSC.
    • 6.1.3 TT confirmed it was agreed during this meeting if NHSCFA is unable to approve accounts before the summer recess DHSC will accept the provisional numbers.
    • 6.1.4 TT also confirmed discussion regarding budgets was ongoing with the Permanent Secretary. In order to support this and identify options regarding future delivery within budgets it was agreed AS would obtain availably and arrange a strategy development day for Board members.

      Action Point 45 - AS to obtain coordinate availability and arrange a strategy day for the Executive Team and Board members.

7. NED updates

  • 7.1 MS and CS provided updates on cross sector working opportunities. Action Point 46 - MS/SF to discuss opportunities to share counter fraud knowledge with Department for Education.
  • 7.2 MS confirmed he has been discussing the outcomes of the staff survey with HoBS, the forthcoming communications to staff and the preparation of the next survey.

8. Finance report - Reviewed

  • 8.1 TT highlighted the need to manage the operational risk being carried in 19/20 due to managing the financial risk via managed vacancies
  • 8.2 JS identified the need to review high areas of expenditure.
  • 8.3 SF confirmed action was being taken in the area of estates to reduce floor space and introduce smarter ways of working.
  • 8.4 MS commented on the small level of expenditure in respect of advertising & promotional expenses. SF clarified position regarding DHSC delegated authority by DHSC.
  • 8.5 CS requested clarification on why there is no contingency within the budget. MJB clarified the position.
  • 8.6 The Board approved the budget subject to ongoing review of expenditure and identification of any opportunity for contingency planning.
  • 8.7 MJB provided a verbal update given on Month 2 Finance position.

9. Operational (investigations) Report noted

  • 9.1 RR identified the increase in organised crime and upcoming case of potential media interest.

10. Head of Business Support - Report noted

  • 10.1 Future updates on BCP & Cyber workstreams to be provided to the ARC.

11. Risk Register – Report noted

Committee Updates

12. Committee updates

  • 12.1 ARC – verbal update of meetings held on 1.5.19 & 30.5.10 provided.

Matters arising

13. Annual Report and Accounts (ARA)update

  • 13.1 The Board noted the contents. It was agreed final comments by Board members to be made by 16.6.19. The Board discussed the position regarding obtaining certification and laying the report. It was agreed to move to certification as soon as possible and establish if it is possible to lay during recess

    Action Point 47 - AS to request DHSC to obtain confirmation regarding any option to lay during recess

    Action Point 48 - AS to circulate an updated timeline for obtaining certification of the ARA

    Action Point 49 - AS to reschedule the ARC meeting currently booked for 12.07.19 if the NAO are unable to report by this date

Matters to note

14. Forward Planner

  • 14.1 Action Point 50 - AS to invite RH to present to Board on NHSCFA responsibilities under PIDA on 18.9.19
  • 14.2 Director of Performance & Improvement – a verbal update was provided and acknowledged.

Date of next meeting - 31.7.19 Skipton House

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