Our Board and members

Find out about the role of the NHSCFA board and its members.

The NHSCFA board is responsible for providing strategic leadership for the organisation and ensuring we are able to account to Parliament and the public on how we deliver our functions. Information on our objectives and the services we provide can be found on the What we do page, and you can find more details on how we lead the fight against NHS fraud in our 2020-2023 strategy.

The board currently consists of a Chair, five Non -Executive Directors (one of whom also chairs the Audit & Risk Committee), a Chief Executive Officer, a Director of Finance and Corporate Governance and a Director of Performance and Improvement.

Declarations of interests for board members can be found in the declaration of interests register. To find out more about each board member please see below.

The board is supported by the Finance and Corporate Governance Unit and the Board Secretary is Ann Sturgess.

Further details regarding the role of the board can be found in the governance code for central government departments.

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