Image of the 2019 - 2020 NHS Counter Fraud Standards.

Under the NHS Standard Contract, all organisations providing NHS services (providers) must put in place and maintain appropriate counter fraud arrangements.

The NHS organisations which commission the services (commissioners) should review providers' arrangements to make sure they meet the requirements under the contract. Commissioners also need to ensure that they have appropriate counter fraud arrangements in place themselves.

On this page you can find the standards set by NHS Counter Fraud Authority for providers and for commissioners in relation to their counter fraud work in the 2020-21 financial year.

The standards are available in separate documents, which provide a detailed explanation of each standard and what organisations need to do to comply with it. The documents also explain our quality assurance process and how organisations will be assessed to ensure compliance with each of the areas covered by the standards.

Our standards apply to independent healthcare providers (IHPs) as well as to NHS organisations. For more information please see the Obligations of independent healthcare providers page.

Self review tool (SRT)

The self review tool (SRT) enables organisations to produce a summary of the counter fraud work they conducted over the previous financial year.

This is available as an online form and a link and login details are sent directly to organisations at the appropriate time.

Standards for providers

The document below sets out 2020-21 standards for providers' work to tackle fraud, bribery and corruption.

Standards for commissioners

The document below sets out 2020-21 standards for commissioners' work to tackle fraud, bribery and corruption. These standards have been approved and adopted by NHS England's Audit Committee in order to ensure a unified approach to tackling economic crime.

Standards for NHS bodies (Wales)

NHS bodies in Wales must implement counter fraud measures in accordance with Welsh Government Directions on Counter Fraud Measures and the service agreement under section 83 of the Government of Wales Act 2006.

This document sets out the standards NHS bodies in Wales must meet in their arrangements to tackle fraud, bribery and corruption.